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Lillycat - "ready to custom" dolls

pamifashiondolls_lillycat (1)Ho avuto modo di conoscere Lillycat, durante la stesura del secondo numero di My Muse, il quale propone un’intervista alla bravissima artista francese che produce bjd. In questa intervista Lillycat aveva dichiarato che stava lavorando ad una sua linea di bjd “ready to custom”, come richiesto da molti suoi fan. E finalmente eccole qui! Da oggi si aprono i preordini per Constantine ed Eugenie, vi rigiro il comunicato che mi ha mandato Lillycat :) pamifashiondolls_lillycat (2)Hi ! I am happy to share with you the details about the first preorder for my Ready to Custom Line !
Will be available for this first edition, Eugenie the little cute cat, and Constantine.

The preorder will run from August the 1st to September the 3rd on my website in the "Shop" section. Please note that it is possible that I close the preorder earlier if the amount of orders is too big.
Available payment methods will be credit card payment, bank transfer and Paypal.
Two times layaways are available for one doll and three times if you take two dolls.

Each set includes a complete doll stringed, sanded, with glass eyes and a wig for Constantine.  pamifashiondolls_lillycat (3)For my Ready to custom line after months of research I decided to work with a small manufacturer in China specialized in resin dolls reproducing since several years. I was catched by the quality of their work, the communication, the hight accuracy of the reproduction they provide and most important their resin quality that is one of my favorites so far. The resin is really smooth and a pleasure to custom so I hope you will have a lot of fun painting of it ;) 

Here are the complete measurement for those girls :
Tall : 40.5cm for Constantine and 41cm for Eugenie
Head Circumference : 15.5cm for Constantine and 16.8 for Eugenie
neck circumference : 5.8cm
default small breast circumference : 13.5cm
waist circumference : 10cm
hips circumference : 20.5cm
tigh circumference : 11.8cm
shoulder circumference : 6.3cm
leg lenght : 22.5cm
arm lenght : 11.3
eyes size : 10mm for Constantine and 12mm for Eugenie
foot lenght : 5.6cm
The resin color is " Cream White ". I choosed this color for being just between white and normal skin.

Price for Eugenie is 430€ (+ shipping fees if you don't live in France)
Price for Constantine is 445€ (+ shipping fees if you don't live in France)

An additionnal "large breasts" bust will be avalilable for 65€.
I hope to see a lot of customized little Cerisedolls in the future, and I particulary hope that you'll have as much fun to play with them that I had working on this new line :)

Thanks for your interest in my work ! Lillycat

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